South Facing Outdoors

Always place buildings to the north of the outdoor spaces that go with them, and keep the outdoor spaces to the south. Never leave a deep band of shade between the building and the sunny part of the outdoors.

Write a couple of sentences that describe the solution captured by this pattern. Drag flags to make connections.

House for One Person --> HERE HERE HERE --> Staircase as a Stage HERE --> Garden Growing Wild

This is perhaps the most important single fact about a building. If the building is placed right, the building and its gardens wili be happy places full of activity and laughter. If it is done wrong, then all the attention in the world, and the most beautiful details, will not prevent it from being a silent gloomy place. Thousands of acres of open space in every city are wasted because they are north of buildings and never get the sun. This is true for public buildings, and it is true for private houses. The recently built Bank of America building in San Francisco - a giant building built by a major firm of architects - has its plaza on the north side. At lunchtime, the plaza is empty, and people eat their sandwiches in the street, on the south side where the sun is.